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April 29, 2013
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"Senpai! Senpai! Let's do something together!" Tobi ran up to you. You turned away from what you were doing to look at him. "What could we possibly do around here Tobi?" Even though you couldn't see through his mask, you could tell he was smiling. This made you smile back and giggle. "I have an idea, let's go (name)-senpai!" He grabbed your arm and dragged you out of the Akatsuki hideout. You became Tobi's senpai a few months back when Deidara handed him over to you because he couldn't stand him any longer.


"(name), where are you?! Un!" "Over here Dei-dei!" you called. He walked up to you; he seemed annoyed. "What's wrong?" He closed his eyes and sighed. "I'm sick of being around this guy!" He pointed to Tobi who was on the other side of the room. "I'm asking you if you'll be his senpai, so I can get a break from him, un!" A slight smile spread across your face. "Sure, I'll take him off your hands for a while. Tobi and I get along great!" A big look of relief came across Deidara's face. "Finally! Thank you (name), un!" he wrapped you in a tight hug causing you to blush. "It's no problem Deidara." Finally letting you go and allowing you to breathe, he called Tobi over. "Oi, Tobi! Come here!" He ran over. "what's up Deidara-senpai? "(name) is going to be your senpai from now on. Now you can hang around her instead of me, un." He jumped up and down. "Yay! (name) is my senpai now!" You laughed and he hugged you tightly. So much for being able to catch your breath...

~Flashback end~

After a few mintues of running, Tobi finally stopped. Panting a little you asked,"what are we doing exactly?" "I have a fun idea! Wait here senpai!" Before you could say anything, he was gone, so you decided to sit up against a tree and wait.

Tobi's P.O.V.

"Pleeeaaassseee Deidara-senpai! Just this once?" "Why should I have to do anything for you, un? And stop calling me senpai. (name) is your senpai now." Tobi looked sad. "B-b-but it'll be fun! It'll make me and (name)-senpai happy! Tobi wants (name) to be happy because Tobi is a good boy!" Deidara sighed. "Pretty please Deidara-sen- I mean Deidara-san?" Finally he gave in. "Alright alright! But just this once, un."

Your P.O.V

After about 10 minutes of waiting, Tobi came back with Deidara. You stood up and smiled. "So, what's going on?" "Deidara-san is going to make fireworks for us with his detonating clay!" You couldn't help but laugh. "Tobi, how did you of all people, convince Deidara to do a thing like this?" "I only agreed to get him to shut up." "Deidara-san knew it would make you happy so he agreed to do it for us!" "Tch, shut up Tobi, didn't I say I'm only doing this to shut you up?! Un!" He slightly blushed again as he ran over to a higher terrain, so you couldn't see him and began to create the fireworks. You and Tobi sat down and watched. "Deidara's pretty good at this don't you think?" Tobi looked at you then looked back. "Hehehe, yes he is. It's fun spending time with my senpai!" You giggled and looked back up. "How much longer do I have to do this?! Un!"
Here's a Tobi x reader for :iconaworldofcandy: I'm sorry if I didn't get every specific detail in! :iconaloisheaddeskplz: but I hope you still like it!
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Lol well thanks! I like so many other anime too but can't fit it all in my signature xD and thanks for reading, glad you liked it!
Awwwwz so cute >.<
(Tobi) Tobi is isn't he?
(Me) yus but read this!
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Yea I got bored so I chatted to myself >.>
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