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January 2, 2013
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Today was like any other day. You sat in class at the ninja academy, waiting for the teacher to arrive. He was late as usual. This didn't bother you any because it gave you the chance to sneak looks at your long time crush Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke, he was the best student in the class. He was also one of the best looking guys ever. Everyday, all the girls in class would practically kill eachother to try and get the chance to sit next to him. This was an everyday routine that you eventually got used to. Well, as used to as you could get, considering that you would never get the chance to sit next to him or even talk to him.You and Sasuke were the smartest kids in the class. All the other girls pretty much thought of you as a know it all, just because you always got good grades. If you even tried to even make eye contact with him, you would be torn to shreds by all of his 'fans'. For as long as you could remember, you would spend everyday dreaming about Sasuke. You never dared to make the first move. One, becasue you were shy, and two, you would rather not die at the hands of your crazy classmates. The sound of the door opening snapped you out of your thoughts. Sasuke walked into the room and went to take an empty seat, when..."SASUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" All of the girls ran over to Sasuke's seat and begged him to let them sit next to him while they all argued with eachother and were all at eachothers throats. He did his usual, sat there his arms resting on the desk, his hands covering his mouth with a neutral look on his face. 'How was he able to ignore everyone so well?' Suddenly, Ino and Sakura walked into the room along with your best friend Naruto. Ino and Sakura joined the riot that was going on in the back of the room, Naruto sat down next to you. "Morning (name)!" "Good morning Naruto!" you said with a smile. You and Naruto had been best friends ever since you were little. Your relationship was more of a brother sister bond. Looking over at the other girls, Naruto sighed. "They're at it again...." You looked back too. "Uh-huh...." Naruto was aware of your major crush on Sasuke. Even though he did not approve, he tried to help you in any way he could. Anything to make you happy. You looked at Sasuke who suddenly glanced back at you. You snapped your head back to the front of the room, a light blush spread across your face. Naruto laughed. "Heheheheh."

The door opened again and the teacher walked in. "Alright everyone! Take your seats, class is about to start!" "Hai!..." everyone took their seats. I guess someone eventually got the oppertunity to sit with Sasuke for the day. You didn't bother to look back and see who it was.

************ *******************
After class ended, you, Naruto and your other friends Kiba and Rock-Lee went outside to eat lunch. The four of you sat down on a bench and began eating. You guys were major joksters together. They almost felt like a second family to you. At this point, you were very happy, whether you got to see Sasuke or not. Even though you still wished you had the courage to at least say "hi" to him. "Oi, (name), something wrong?" Kiba looked at you worried. "Nah, I'm fine. Just a little tired I guess." This was your excuse for everything. Even Kiba knew you were lying. Both him and Lee also knew about your crush on Sasuke. They were the only people who knew. You guys told eachother everything, so you felt comfortable talking to them about your problems. In the end, they were always there to help. Getting up and stretching, you waved bye to your friends. "I'm gonna head back to class early to get a good seat." They waved bye and said they'd meet you back in class. You nodded and ran back to the academy and slid open the door to your classroom. You froze. Sasuke was sitting up in the back of the room. It looked like he hadn't moved since class ended. Suddenly, your legs went weak and you just stood there. Your stomach twisted into a knot. Slowly, you walked to your seat and sat down. He didn't even seem to notice you walk into the room, mostly because he was staring out the window. The truth was...he liked you, a lot.  He loved the fact that you never want all spazzy on him everytime he walked into the room. He loved that you never joined the riot that would occur every morning with all the other girls. He loved how quiet you were. (Well in class you were, outside of class you were very loud and hyper.) He also thought you were beautiful.All in all, he liked you for who you were. He hated the way the other girls acted, but somehow managed to keep his cool around them and not lash out.

You sat facing the front of the room, not noticing that Sasuke was walking towards you. Too many thoughts were going through your mind right now to notice anything. That was until..."Hey." Snapping your head back, you looked at Sasuke. 'N-No way! He's talking to me??????'
"Oh, h-hi Sasuke." A deep blush formed on your face. "Is it ok if I sit here?" he asked. Your heart started to beat faster. "Y-yeah sure." 'Oh my god....he's sitting next to me!!!' Taking advantage to this, he sat down next to you but didn't make eye contact at first. An awkward silence filled the room. Finally you decided to break it. " there something you needed Sasuke?" you asked nervously. He looked at you and nodded. "Yeah...I wanted to talk to you about something." 'Was that a slight blush on his face?' "O-oh, what is it?" He paused for a minute, finally he took a deep breath. " I-I really like you (name)" I have for a long time actually." You weren't sure if you were hearing him right. Did he seriously say he liked you?! "W-what?" He looked at you and continued. "I really like you (name). You are very smart, funny, and pretty. I love how you never get all spazzy on me like all the other girls, whenever I walk in the room. It really annoys me, going through the same thing everyday you know?" I like you because you don't try to impress me just to get me to like you, I like you for who you are." You were now blushing like crazy. He had feelings for you! "I-I like you too Sasuke, I was just too shy to tell you. Plus I was afraid that you didn't like me back..." You trailed off. He turned your head gently towards him and kissed you on the forehead. "What's not to like? Like I said, you are smart, pretty and have an amazing personality over all." He started blushing as well. "So (name), will you be my girlfriend?" You smiled and hugged him. "Yes." He smiled and hugged back. You couldn't believe what had just happened.

Just then, the door slid open and the rest of the class walked in. 'Uh-oh' All of the girls came running in and surrounded Sasuke again. One of the girls looked at you and sneered. "EEEEHHHHHHHH? WHY IS (NAME) SITTING NEXT TO SASUKE?!" Everyone else joined in. "Sasuke! sit next to me!" "No sit with me!" "NO! SIT WITH ME!" Ino and Sakura said in unison. Some of the girls were yelling at you, forcing you to give up your seat. You couldn't take the pressure, tears started to form in your eyes and you started to stand up to let one of the girls take your seat. Suddenly, a hand pulled on your arm, telling you to stay. Sasuke looked at you. You nodded and sat back down. "WAAAAAAAAA? SASUKE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"  "(name) is sitting next to me from now on. If you got a problem with that, go sit somewhere else." All the girls looked shocked and stood there for a while. Finally they all went to another seat, all with angry and jealous looks on their faces. Sasuke went back to his normal sitting position but looked at you and smiled slightly. "If they ever give you any crap, come to me ok?" You smiled and nodded. Class started up again, only this time you were sitting with your new boyfriend. You looked up at Naruto who was sitting in the back of the room and smiled at him. He gave you a thumbs up and smiled back. You did the same, and that smile stayed on your face the rest of the day, and would stay for a very long time.
ok, here's my first Naruto fanfiction. Don't hate me if it sucks >.< I'm so used to writing my Hetalia x readers I thought I'd try something else. I have a Naruto x reader I'll post soon as well. That one I think turned out a little better than this one. So for now here'
s one for any Sasuke fans :) I do Not own Naruto or the picture! Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
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