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November 5, 2012
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It was a cold winter day in December. You were at another one of America's famous Christmas party's. Everyone who was anyone was there. All the Axis, Allies, Baltics, Nordics, just about every country was there. America's parties were always interesting. He always had some kind of shenanigan planned. The cake he made was quite a sight as well. It almost reached the ceiling of his house! 'How could he ever even think of making something that big?' you thought. Yes, his parties were a little out of the ordinary, but you always had fun nonetheless. Christmas music was blasting throughout the house, thanks to America's new stereo system. Your favorite song was just coming on. "Run Run Rudolph" by Bryan Adams. You had heard so many versions of that song but this one was your favorite. Just as the song started, Mathias jumped up onto the coffee table and started playing air guitar, and lip syncing the song. You laughed so hard you almost fell over. Everyone was cheering him on as the guitar solo came and he started dancing on the table like a maniac! "WOO! GO MATHIAS!" you shouted. You had a big smile on your face. You too then started dancing yourself, but not as hectic as Mathias. "Kesesesesese, looks like someone had too much egg nog!" Prussia said as Mathias jumped off the table almost falling over.Mathias laughed as he rebalanced himself on the floor. It was an amazing party, especially since everyone seemed to be having fun. Even Canada came out of his shell a little and actually started talking to people. Everyone was having fun. Well everyone except for one person....Kiku. He was standing in the corner emotionless. It looked as if the loud music was bothering him. He was a very quiet person. You looked over at him feeling bad. He was your best friend and also your long time crush, but you could never tell him. Your friendship was so strong you didn't want to screw things up. But you knew you couldn't just let him stand there like a lump and do nothing. You had to try to cheer him up. You made your way through the crowd and walked up to Kiku. "Hi Kiku." You gave him a small smile. "oh, Konnichiwa (name)-san." "This is some party huh?" Kiku looked around before responding. "H-hai, actuarly its a little too crazy for my riking." You blushed slightly as he spoke. Gosh his accent was so cute! You placed a hand on his shoulder, forgeting about his personal space issues. "Aww come on Kiku, try to have some fun! Alfred went to all this trouble to throw this party for his friends. Everyone but you seems to be having a good time. Come on, get out of that corner and enjoy the party." You gave him the classic puppy dog eyes. He couldn't resist you when you did that. You looked so cute. To him, you were beautiful. He loved you but didn't know how to tell you. You were both always there for eachother, which made the bond between you two grow stronger everyday.     Finally he sighed and gave in. "Hai, I'rr try to have fun." "That's the spirit Kiku!"  Both of you then walked into the kitchen, there was an unlimited selection of Christmas cookies and candy. Taking a star shaped cookie with red sprinkles on it you smiled at Kiku. You handed him a cookie too. "Arigato,(name)-san." You both ate the cookies. Kiku's eyes widened. "Wow, this is amazing!" His compliment made your smile get bigger. "Really? glad you think so, because I made them." They were little pink star shaped cookies that tasted like strawberry, with red and green sprinkles dusted onto each one. "Rearry? You did an amazing job (name)-san." He then grabbed another one and started eating it. It made you feel good inside knowing that he liked your baking.

~Le Time Skip~

The both of you were now back in the living room, sitting and talking as America called you over to him. "Yo! (name) dude! Get over here!" Sighing, you got up and walked over to Alfred. "What's up?" America smirked at you. "Dude, I couldn't help but notice how much time your spending with Japan. Have you tried kissing him yet?" You stood there frozen as a deep blush spread across your face. "N-no! Shut up! Why would I?!" "America laughed. "Come on dude, We all know you like Japan, its written all over your face!" Your face got redder. "S-so what if I do? I doubt he even likes me back." America smirked again. "Okay dude, if you say so." You walked back over to Kiku and grunted under your breath. "He better not try anything funny or try to embarrass me in front of Kiku." You had a worried look on your face. "Is something wrong (name)-san?" Kiku looked at you worried. "Oh, N-no nothing at all" you lied.


After a while, you forgot about what America had said and continued to enjoy yourself. Another one of your favorite songs was playing. "Rusty Chevrolet" By Da Yoopers. This song had to be the funniest one you knew. Feliks had requested it. You and him loved singing that song. You couldn't help but sing along as Poland began singing. Others sang along too, and everyone was laughing. You smiled and laughed too. Kiku too then began to laugh along with you. He thought you looked absolutely adorable. He loved seeing you happy. After the song, you sat back down still laughing. Kiku smiled at you. "Was that fun?" "Hahaha, yes very!" You both walked over in between the kitchen and the living room. Suddenly, everyone was staring at you. 'Why's everyone staring?' you thought. "Kesesesesesesesese~ look! (name) and Kiku are under the mistletoe!" Your eyes widend. You looked up. Yep, he wasn't lying, there it was, plain as day. This caused you to blush all over again. 'I knew America was going to try something funny!' Some people started laughing. "Vee~ doesn't that mean that Japan has to kiss (name)?" Italy asked. Japan too then started blushing, standing shock still. You looked over at America who was smiling at you as if to say "Told you I'd get you two together!" It was too late, you couldn't back away now. A million thoughts were racing through your mind. "What should I do? Should I kiss him? Will he run away from me if I do? What if he doesn't want to be my friend anymore if I do?" You closed your eyes as you tried to process all these thoughts, until you suddenly felt a pair of soft lips on yours. Your eyes shot open and you gasped. Kiku, was actually kissing you! Almost everyone in the room looked shocked, since they all knew about Kiku's personal space issues. The shock passed you quickly and you closed your eyes and began to kiss back. It felt like total bliss. Kiku tilted his head slightly to get a better angle of your lips. You moaned slightly and wrapped your arms around his neck. Everyone began clapping and cheering. "Hahahahaha! I knew I would get them together!" America shouted with confidence. You smiled as you both finally pulled away for air. You rested your forehead on Kiku's and sighed contently. Kiku smiled back. "Aishiteru (name)." "I love you too Kiku." Everyone was still cheering. Seems like America wasn't the only one who wanted you two together. You looked over at America and smiled. "Hey Alfred, how about you play that song again?" "You got it dude!" America then blasted "Run Run Rudolph" again. This time you started singing along and dancing like crazy. You were in the happiest mood you couldn't help yourself. Mathias and everyone soon joined in, singing along. Kiku laughed and started dancing at his own pace as well. This time, EVERYONE was having a good time. It had to be the best party ever! And it was all thanks to everyone.
Here's my first Christmas x reader! I know its really early but I couldn't resist. X) I'm in a very good mood today so I had to write this. Oh man this one was fun to write. XD I could just picture this whole thing happening. Enjoy!~ Here are the links to the songs :
[link] - Run Run Rudolph

[link] - Rusty Chevrolet

These are two of my favorite Christmas songs. I love them so much. I highly suggest listening to Run Run Rudolph while reading this so you get the full feeling of what was happening. Made me laugh. so, I DO NOT OWN HETALIA, RUN RUN RUDOLPH OR RUSTY CHEVROLET, ALL GOES TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS!
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