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October 11, 2012
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"Vee~ (name) hurry up!" your Italian friend shouted to you as you walked from the kitchen to the living room. "I'm coming Feli, I'm coming!. You smiled. You and Feli were going pumpking picking since halloween was tomorrow. You and Feli were going to get pumkpins, and cut scary face into them and place them on your front porch, like many many people do on halloween. Italy started jumping up and down by the door. "vee~ this is going to be fun! I can't wait!" You giggled and grabbed your jacket. "Ok, ok Feli calm down. I'm excited too. Italy smiled and opened the door and ran out to the car. oh Italy...He was your very best friend. He was always so happy and hyper which made you laugh and always put a smile on your face. You greatly wondered how him and his older brother Lovino were even related! They were like two different people. Romano rarely ever smiled, he's always yelling at Italy and hates being around people like him. You and Romano were sort of good friends, since you were around Italy all the time but never really hung out much. oh well....You regained your thoughts and got into the car and drove to the pumpkin patch.


Finally after a 10 min drive you both arrived at the patch. Feli looked out the window in awe. "Veeeeeeeee~ (name) look at all the pumpkins!" You stared out the window and laughed. There sure were lots. The whole field seemed to be covered in orange. Both of you got out of the car and Feli ran for the pumpkins with his hands sticking out to the sides like an air plane "Veeeeeeeeee~"  Running up to Feli, you took a moment to notice the beautiful Scenery. The trees were all sorts of colors, from reds to oranges to yellows, it was an amazing sight. Feli already grabbed a wagon for you guys to place the pumpkins in. You were looking for the perfect one. Finding the perfect pumpkin was very hard. It had to be the right shape the right texture and color. Feli already seemed to have his picked out. Feli smiled and started humming to himself.

You found a good pumpkin and placed it in the wagon. For some reason you looked around you and noticed Italy was gone. Where did he go? You heard footsteps behind you and turned around. Italy had a hollow pumpkin on his head. "Veeeeee~ look! I'm the headless horseman! Italy begain walking around or more like waddling, in random directions. This caused you to burst out laughing. You fell on the ground laughing so hard. Italy then bumped into a random pole that just happened to be standing there and fell to the ground with you. You both laughed till you had no air left in you.

Finally, you got up and placed the pumpkins in the Wagon and walked over to the little shack near the entrance of the patch to pay for the pumpkins. The fun part was trying to get them into the trunk of the car. "Why did we have to get such heavy ones?" you thought to yourself, lifting the pumpkin into the car. Once both were in the trunk, you got back into the car and headed for your house. The both of you were already exhausted. Who knew lifting pumpkins from point A to point B would be such a deathly task?  


Once back at your place, you and Feli lifted the pumpkins one last time into the house. Setting them down onto the table you gasped for breath. " time, Germany is coming with us and doing all the work." You laughed. "Si! It would be nice to have my two best friends do something fun like this." You smiled at Feli. "But, just being with you (name) is perfect." His comment caused you to blush slightly. You hugged Italy tightly and laughed. "If he was around he would probably tell us that were doing everything wrong." Italy chuckled in agreement. "Si, I guess he would." He then placed some news papers on the table and grabbed the carving tools and began to work on his pumpkin. You did the same. After a few minutes of silence you couldn't help but laugh again. "Yeah he'd probably be all like...NEIN! ZHAT IS NOT HOW YOU CARVE A PUMPKIN! GET IT RIGHT YOU DUMMKOPF!" Feli cracked up at your Germany impression. Your accent was even perfect, which caused Feli to laugh harder. "veee~ he'd be like, MUST I DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE? OH MEIN GOTT!" You both laughed. This turned out to be a lot more than than you expected. That is at least it was until...."oh hahahahaha so funny! I'm just hilarious aren't I?" You both stopped laughing and looked behind you. Germany was standing in the doorway with a very angry look on his face. Both your faces went red. Uh-oh....Germany then walked over to both of you and looked into your (e/c) eyes and Italy's amber eyes. A few very long seconds passed before Germany smiled and chuckled to himself. "If your going to carve a pumpkin, you gotta do it like zhis..." He then took the carving knife and began cuttng out random shapes. You playfully punched him in the arm and took the knife away from him. "Nein, zhat is not how you do it either Germany!" Germany chuckled. Italy looked really happy. "Veeee~ both of my best friends are here, and having a fun time!" You and Germany looked at Italy and smiled. All three of you laughed and worked on the pumpkins together.

About 2 hours later, it had gotten dark and the pumpkins were ready for display. This time you made Germany carry them to the front porch. He set them both down by the railing and lit the small candles inside each one. You all then walked off the porch to get a better view. The little orange orbs swayed in the wind and made the expressions on the pumpkins come to life. You and Italy high-fived eachother and both hugged Germany at the same time. Thanks to the both of you, he almost fell over. Germany then looked at you smiled, "By zhe vay, not a bad impression of me." You snickered and looked at Italy, then back to Germany. Yep, you had a pair of goof balls for best friends, and you couldn't be happier.
Well here's the Italy Halloween Sweets x reader, although it has a different name its still related to halloween XD. Sorry for the long delay! enjoy! I do not own Hetalia.
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Dudette, this was so frickin' hilarious~! Keep writing, broham~.
Hahaha thanks! I'll be posting more.
Lmao XD when he was right there standing, I was thinking oh gott, should I run XD
Lol yup I'd be like ....Scheiße and run off xD
Akuma-The-Zoroark Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh God, I was just sitting there during the Germany impressions just saying. "DUN DO IIAAT, HE'S GONNA' MAGICALLY TELEPORT BEHIND CHU' I was right. :iconus-xdplz:
Lol *poof!* he is a ninja xD
Littlesunflower17 May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I laughed so hard at the Germany impressions XD
lol yeah I did too as I was writing them XD glad you liked it
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