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February 5, 2013
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Wiping a few tears from your face you sighed sadly. Today was not a good day, or more like not a good week. Everything that was anything went wrong. You tried to put on a brave face most of the week, but as it progressed you just got worse and worse. There were moments when you would laugh about something but then went right back to your depressed mood. These kind of days were nothing new. After your big move to London, you had a lot of new adjustments to get used to. However, that was over two and a half months ago but nothing had really changed since. You had made a few friends the time you have been in London. Mostly the master of the Phantomhive Estate, Ciel and his butler Sebastian. Also, with the other servants of the residence, Bard, Finni, and Mey-Rin. You were all friends but it was nothing serious. Ciel was always busy and Bard and the others had their own problems to deal with so you didn't want to add onto the pressure. Suddenly tears formed up in your eyes again as you tried to choke back the sobs. Slumping down into the chair you were sitting in you wiped your eyes again.After wiping your face for the billionth time, you heard your door open and your boyfriend and also partner walked in. Not even bothering to look you slumped back into your chair. "Hey, (name) why are you feeling so down darling? C'mon come reaping with me! William has me working overtime and I can't do this all by myself." Still not making eye contact you replied, "No thanks Grell...I'm not in the mood for anything..." Grell walked over to your bed and sat down facing you with a toothy grin on his face. "Awww why not my love? I enjoy your company and I hate to see my sweetness so sad." He gave you a cute wink. Finally glancing over at him you merely replied again, "I'm just not in the mood okay?" He gave you a cute but concerned look and scooted farther to the edge of the bed. "Why are you so down in the dumps darling? You've been like this all week. Where's the funny and happy-hearted (name) I fell in love with?" He asked as he rolled over onto the bed looking at you upside-down. You blushed slightly at his question but gave a real cliche and somewhat sarcastic answer. "Probably lost, London is a big place you know?" Grell giggled at your reply and sat back up as an idea came into his mind. "I am going to make you smile if it's the last thing I do" "Don't bother. Didn't you say William is making you work overtime? Why don't you get going before he yells at you again..." He shook his head. "He can yell at me all he wants. I'm not leaving till my beloved is happy." You just sighed and turned to face Grell, figuring you might as well give him a chance in attempt to make you feel better. He got off the bed and smiled at you and began to sing to you: "Darling, at some point in the future,
I will sleep in your cuddling hug,
and we will even share the same dream.

I will casually recall and imagine,
from looking at my cup of black tea,
our crimson kiss and rosy secret In this eternity of an instant where we've just met,
I'll start weaving our red string of fate.

The feeling of loving you can be summarized as
scorching-hot red blood cells and difficulty to breathe.
If I affix my light-pink heartbeats right next to my window...
Oh my! My heart suddenly feels apprehensive!"     Your head perked up a little and you blushed slightly as he continued.

"Darling, do you feel it?
This miracle that our heartbeats
are horsing around under the night sky.

Unintentionally, I've placed
on the table a bouquet, some lies,
and a crazily raging love song.

I want us to cuddle close in this small red-roofed house,
and together greet the arrival of every morning." As he continued, your depressed mood began to fade away. you started to smile and blush. "So sweet that I could just die with you,
I'd tickle you into a bittersweet waking in the morning--
-that's how much I'm crazy for you.
In the maze, I murmur to you with my heart-burning tears:

"Ah, in a chapel as white as cotton candy,
I'll walk down the aisle with you in a red wedding dress...
The path would be as radiant as heaven itself...
And then we'll be bonded together forever...!"

You feel both so close to and so far away from me,
and even that aggravating distance of yours is so lovely!
Even if everything were just a dream,
I'll just kill our profusely blooming love in the heaven."
  After he finished, you ran up to him and hugged him tightly laughing and giggling. He hugged you back tightly and chuckled. Sure some of the lyrics were a little iffy, but you still loved it. It worked after all. You pulled away and smiled at him, full of happiness. "There, there's the (name) I know! I told you I'd make you feel better." You layed your head on his chest and replied, "Yes, you did. I'm sorry for being so moody." "Apologize not my love. Deadly efficient is my motto after all." You giggled again and he kissed your cheek. "Now, lets go reaping! William is gonna kill me knowing I've been slacking off again!" You sighed again as if to say, you're kidding right? but smiled. "Alright lets go, but don't blame me if William yells at you. Grell laughed again. "Hey he can yell all he wants. I had a very important matter to attend to. Keeping my beloved happy is more important." Thinking about it for a minute, you thought, maybe things weren't as bad as you made them seem. As long as you had Grell, you couldn't have really asked for anything better.
I've been in a depressed mood for some time now so I decided to write a Grell x Reader I'm watching Black Butler again and Grell is one of my favs. I DO NOT OWN GRELL, BLACK BUTLER, OR THE LYRICS TO THE SONG! ALL GOES TO THEIR RESPECTED OWNERS. Here's the link to the song: [link] ^^
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